Theorizing Society In Everyday Life

Everyday Theorizing

Consider the following claims.

  1. The value of an object depends on the work and passion that went into creating it.
  2. Even though the identity of the folks running the world changes, it's basically just a small group of elites that keeps coming and going through a kind of revolving door.
  3. Sometimes it's an outsider or a newcomer to a group who can get away with "telling it like it is."
  4. Two's company, three's a crowd.
  5. It's not whom you know, it's whom the people you know know.
  6. Dreams mean something
  7. Fashions change as soon as they start to catch on with the masses
  8. Making friends is an important defense against the stress of being in college.
  9. People seem to come out of church energized for doing something.
  10. The fact that members of a team each have a special role and depend on each other is what glues them together.
  11. Wearing that uniform, practicing together everyday, doing that cheer before we go onto the field, that's what creates the team spirit that glues us together.
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