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If we want to study sex and gender and sexualities and gender-identities, it behooves us to beef up on classics old and new. This sampler collects together a number of "must-reads" on this broad topic with no illusions that it is either comprehensive or canonical. Instead these readings are important and available (in our anthology).

Sex and Gender Bibliography

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Weeks, Jeffrey. 1991. "Sexual Identification Is a Strange Thing" (558-62)
Allen, Paula Gunn. 1986. "Who Is Your Mother? Red Roots of White Feminism" (573-7)
Kristeva, Julia. 1977/97. "Women’s Time" (653-7)
Beauvoir, Simone de. 1949. "Woman as Other" (345-347)

Mills Library

See part III on French theorists in Gane, Mike. 2003. French Social Theory. Sage Publications Ltd (Ebrary HM22.F8 — G36 2003eb)
See chapters 13, 14, 17 in Calhoun, Craig. 2007. Sociology in America : A History. University of Chicago Press. (Ebrary HM477.U6 — S63 2007eb)

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