Sampler Roots New Social Movements Lauren


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Since we've grown up with them, it's often hard to figure out what's "new" about new social movements. This sampler aims to introduce you to some early classics — mostly from the post-wwII era — that are cited as founding texts in movements around sex, race, and colonialism

Some Roots of "New" Social Movements

Beauvoir, Simone de. 1949. "Woman as Other" (345-347)
Césaire, Aimé. 1955. "Between Colonizer and Colonized" (348-350)
King, Martin Luther, Jr. 1958. "The Power of Nonviolent Action" (351-354)
Friedan, Betty. 1963. "The Problem That Has No Name" (361-364)
Fanon, Frantz. 1961. "Decolonizing, National Culture, and the Negro Intellectual" (364-369)
Myrdal, Gunnar. (1944) "The Negro Problem as a Moral Issue" [L249-51]

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