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Proposal: National vs. Ethnic Identities

In the process of assimilation into Western cultures and ideas, people of color experience an identity crisis in the melding of ethnic and national identities. These recent voices on race conceptualize their experiences and the conflicting ideas between the two worlds. There is dialectic of identities with one feeling caught in a space that is alien and fearful. Several factors that has effected racial identity is globalization and the economy. Although all modern nations are cultural hybrids, the dominate group of a modern nation instills its foundational myths, tradition, narratives and origins on all of its peoples. With the onset of globalization, the world is becoming more interconnected (homogenized) and in the process, national identities are eroding. Can these dimensions co-exist with one another and is there a resulting synthesis in the end? It is suggested that one of three things may occur in this process; the strengthening of local identities, a re-identification of original cultures or the production of a new identity.

Race and ethnicity have emerged as their own sub-field in theory in recent decades. In this sampler, with no pretensions to comprehensiveness or canonical-ness, we examine a set of readings from our anthology that tackle race and theory from a variety of perspectives.

Recent Voices on Race

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