Consider Randall Collins' contention that sociology is full of ideologically based rhetoric in which reified abstractions (hypostatizations) play a big part. Let's see if we can try to translate some of these into the experience of actual acting individuals.

"the organization's goals"
the aims of real people, usually those who get power and personal glory from the work of subordinates.

"Paying one's debt to society"
politicians, judges, and policemen making their careers in an appeal to the support of
particular social groups whose material or status interests are being
upheld, usually in conflict against other group interests.

"Society is against me"
interaction with certain people is a losing struggle
in terms of things that the particular individual wants.
"A traitor to one's class" or someone with "false consciousness" is usually someone
who pursues an individual interest that the speaker does not approve of.

See also page 13 of Conflict Sociology

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