Schedule Of Readings


NOTE: The Lemert reader has short introductory sections about each theorist prior to the text themselves. You are ALWAYS expected to have read these.

Week 1: 23 August
Thur (x Sept)
Lemert, C. 2010. "Social Theory: Its Uses and Pleasures." [L1-21]
Collins, R.

Simple Social Theory Timeline
Overview of Historical Epochs
Hobbes, D. Leviathan
Rousseau, J. J.
Smith, A.

Collins, R. Introduction to Conflict Sociology
Olson - selection from Logic of Collective Action?

Week 2
Tues (31 Aug)
Durkheim, E. 1902. "Anomie and the Modern Division of Labor," from The Division of Labor in Society. [L77-78]
Durkheim, E. 1897. "Sociology and Social Facts," from Suicide. [L78-81]
Durkheim, E. 1897. "Suicide and Modernity," from Suicide. [L81-89]
Thur (2 Sept)
Continued discussion of Durkheim
Week 3
Tues (x Sept)
Marx, K. 1844. "Estranged Labour," from The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844. [L32-38]
Marx, K. 1845-6. "Camera Obscura," from The German Ideology. [L38-39]
Marx, K. and F. Engels. 1848, "The Manifesto of Class Struggle," from The Manifesto of the Communist Party. [L39-43]
Marx, K. 1867. “Labour-Power and Capital," from Capital, Vol. I. [L62-67]
Marx, K. 1852. "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte," from The Marx-Engels Reader (594-607). [L43-50]
Marx, K. 1867. "Capital and the Value of Commodities," from Capital, Vol. I. [L5160-50]
Marx, K. 1867. "Capital and the Fetishism of Commodities," from Capital, Vol. I. [L60-62]
Engels, F. 1884. "The Patriarchal Family," from The Origin of Family, Private Property, and the State. [L67-69]
Thurs ()
Continued discussion of Marx
Week of 13 September
Tues (x Sept)
Weber, M. 1905. "The Spirit of Capitalism and the Iron Cage," from The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (47-51, 53-54, 180-183). [L104-108]
Weber, M. 1909-20. "The Bureaucratic Machine," from Economy and Society. [L108-114]
Weber, M. 1918. "What is Politics?," from "Politics as a Vocation." [L114-116]
Weber, M. 1909-20. "The Types of Legitimate Domination," from Economy and Society. [L116-119]
Weber, M. 1909-20. "Class, Status, and Party," from Economy and Society. [L119-129]
Thur (x Sept)
Continued discussion of Weber
Week 5
Tues (x Sept)
No assigned reading
Thur (x Sept)
Video Screening
Week 6 The Frankfurt School
Tues (x Sept)
Adorno, T. and M. Horkheimer. 1944. "The Culture Industry as Deception," from The Dialectic of Enlightenment. [L325-329]
Thur ()
Habermas, J. 1968. "Emancipatory Knowledge." from Knowledge and Human Interests (315-317). [L386-387]
Habermas, J. 1970. "Social Analysis and Communicative Competence," from "Toward a Theory of Communicative Competence" in Recent Sociology No. 2: Patterns of Communicative Behavior (Dreitzel, ed.) (143-6). [L387-389]
Week 7
Tues (x Sept)
Du Bois, W.E.B. 1903. "Double-Consciousness and the Veil," from The Souls of Black Folk (1-9). [L167-172]
Thur (x Sept)
Continued Discussion of Du Bois
Week 8
Tues (x Sept)
No assigned reading
Thur (x Sept)
Parsons, T. 1971. "Action Systems and Social Systems" from The System of Modern Societies (4-8). [L301-303]
Week 9
Tues (x Sept)
Parsons, T. 1943. "Sex Roles in the American Kinship System" from Essays in Sociological Theory (189-94). [L303-307]
Gilman, C. P. 1892. "The Yellow Wallpaper," from The Charlotte Perkins Gilman Reader (3-5). [L173-174]
Gilman, C. P. 1898. "Women and Economics," from Women and Economics (9-21). [L174-178]
Thur (x Sept)
Bb: Rosemarie Tong, “Radical Feminism: Libertarian and Cultural Perspectives”
Week 10
Tues (x Sept)
Continued discussion of liberal and radical feminist theory
Thur (x Sept)
Smith, D. 1974. “Knowing a Society from Within: A Woman’s Standpoint” from The Conceptual Practices of Power: A Feminist Sociology of Knowledge (21-27). [L394-398]
Smith, D.“Women’s Perspective as a Radical Critique of Sociology”
de Beauvoir, S. 1949. "Woman as Other," from The Second Sex. [L345-347]
Week 11
Tues (x Sept)
Hill Collins, P. 1990. “Black Feminist Thought in the Matrix of Domination” from Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment (221-238). (L541-552)
Thur (x Sept)
Goffman, E. 1967 (1955). “On Face-Work” from Interaction Ritual (509, 41-45). (L338-342)
Week 12
Tues (x Sept)
Continued discussion of symbolic interactionism
Thur (x Sept)
Bourdieu, P. 1980(1974). “Structures, Habitus, Practices” from The Logic of Practice, pp. 52-58. (L444-449)
Granfield, R. 1991. "Making It by Faking It: Working Class Students in an Elite Academic Environment." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 20(1): 331-351.
Week 13
Tues (x Sept)
Butler, J. 1991. "Imitation and Gender Insubordination" from Fuss (ed.), Inside/Out: Lesbian Theories, Gay Theories (13-31). (L562-573)
Thur (x Sept)
Foucault, M. 1976. “Power as Knowledge,” from The History of Sexuality, Vol. 1: An Introduction (pp. 92-102). (L473-479)
Week 14
Tues (x Sept)
Baudrillard, J. 1983. “Simulacra and Simulations: Disneyland,” from Simulacra and Simulations (1-13, 23-49). (L479-484)
Thur (x Sept)
Week 15
Tues (x Sept)
Continued discussion of Baudrillard
Thur (x Sept)
No assigned reading
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