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21A.750J / STS.250J Social Theory and Analysis As taught in: Fall 2004 at MIT[1]

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ECON 159 - Game Theory by Professor Ben Polak Fall, 2007 at Yale
PLSC 114 - Introduction to Political Philosophy Professor Steven B. Smith Fall, 2006 at Yale

Audio Courses

Michael Burawoy "The History of Sociological Theory" at UCB 2008/09
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Davis, Murray S. "That's Interesting! Towards a Phenomenology of Sociology and a Sociology of Phenomenology." Phil. Soc. Sci. 1 (1971), 309-344 (Modified)
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Annu. Rev. Sociol. 1999. 25:245–69. APHORISMS AND CLICHÉS: The Generation and Dissipation of Conceptual Charisma Murray S. Davis

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