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Lacan, Jacques. 1949. "The Mirror Stage" (343-344).

Tweets: 1901-1981. Parisian born. Studied psychiatry and psychoanalysis after medicine. 1963 –... (by ariannasamuel on 05 Dec 2010 00:40)

Marx, Karl. 1844. "Estranged Labour" (32-38).

See: Marx Overview, as well as Early Marx for more background information. Karl Marx opens... (by ariannasamuel on 04 Dec 2010 23:37)

Barthes Semiological Prospects

Barthes,Roland. 1964. Semiological Prospects (318-320) Maupassant often lunched in the restaurant... (by djjrjr on 30 Nov 2010 02:19)

Lévi-Strauss "The Structural Study Of Myth"

Reading Lévi-Strauss, Claude. 1958. The Structural Study of Myth ((313-317) Summary and Take-Aways... (by djjrjr on 29 Nov 2010 17:29)

Encyclopedia of Social Theory "Postmodernism"

Postmodernism in Encyclopedia of Social Theory Written by N. Denzin. A bit more manifesto than... (by djjrjr on 29 Nov 2010 01:38)

Giddens "Structuralism, Post-structuralism and the Production of Culture"

Reading Giddens/Turner: Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, and Production of Culture Comments ... (by djjrjr on 28 Nov 2010 23:15)

Gunnar Myrdal : "The Negro Problem As Moral Issue"

Myrdal, Gunnar. (1944) The Negro Problem as a Moral Issue [249-51] from the book An American... (by djjrjr on 22 Nov 2010 22:59)

Betty Friedan : "The Problem that has No Name"

Friedan, Betty. 1963. The Problem That Has No Name (361-364) from The Feminine Mystique The... (by djjrjr on 22 Nov 2010 05:45)

Frantz Fanon : "Decolonizing, National Culture, and the Negro Intellectual"

Decolonizing, National Culture, and the Negro Intellectual (364-369) Frantz Omar Fanon (July... (by djjrjr on 22 Nov 2010 05:34)

Aimé Césaire : Between Colonizer and Colonized

Aimé Fernand David Césaire (26 June 1913 – 17 April 2008) was an African-Martinican francophone... (by djjrjr on 22 Nov 2010 00:25)

Simone de Beauvoir : Woman As Other

Excerpt from The Second Sex (1953 (1949)) Tweets hfhfhfhhfhfhfff hdhdd Woman defined relative to... (by djjrjr on 22 Nov 2010 00:06)

Habermas "Emancipatory Knowledge" (1968)

Habermas, Jürgen. 1968. Emancipatory Knowledge (386-7) From Knowledge and Human Interests (1971... (by djjrjr on 15 Nov 2010 00:55)

Mills Sociological Imagination

Mills, C. Wright. 1959. The Sociological Imagination (355-358) by failing to develop [their... (by djjrjr on 15 Nov 2010 00:52)

Habermas "Social Analysis and Communicative Competence"

Habermas, Jürgen. 1970. Social Analysis and Communicative Competence (387-9) Ideal speech... (by djjrjr on 15 Nov 2010 00:51)

Horkeimer & Adorno: The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Horkheimer, Max and Theodor Adorno. 1944. The Culture Industry as Deception (325-329) That is... (by djjrjr on 15 Nov 2010 00:42)

Weber: Class, Status & Party

Outline Economically Determined Power and the Status Order (119.3) Determination of Class Situation... (by djjrjr on 01 Oct 2010 23:03)

Weber: Types Of Legitimate Domination

Tweets Domination = probability command(s) will be obeyed. Subtype of power and influence. Wide... (by djjrjr on 01 Oct 2010 15:53)

Weber: Least You Must Know

Types of Legitimate Authority Rational = legal authority based on rules. Traditional = based on... (by djjrjr on 01 Oct 2010 15:52)

MAX WEBER: “Politics as a Vocation”

(Based on materials found at Politics... (by djjrjr on 30 Sep 2010 17:35)

Weber, "The Spirit Of Capitalism And The Iron Cage"

Weber, M. 1905. The Spirit of Capitalism and the Iron Cage, from The Protestant Ethic and the... (by djjrjr on 29 Sep 2010 20:30)

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