Habermas "Emancipatory Knowledge" (1968)

Habermas, J├╝rgen. 1968. "Emancipatory Knowledge" (386-7)

From Knowledge and Human Interests (1971 (1968)).

  1. Science. Illusion of pure theory. Does not determine practice. (386.6)
  2. Scientists avoid reflecting on connections between knowledge and interests.
  3. Objectivism does not allow one to escape questions of conviction, belief, and interest. (387.1)
  4. Nomological sciences (seeking laws) and hermeneutic sciences (seeking meaning) both fall prey to illusion that method allows escape from the human condition
  5. DJR: contrast is between realm in which "acting subjects could arrive rationally at agreement" (public sphere, dialog, discourse) and one in which method permits "mere decision among reified value systems and irrational beliefs" (387.5)

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