Encyclopedia of Social Theory "Postmodernism"

"Postmodernism" in Encyclopedia of Social Theory

  1. Written by N. Denzin.
  2. A bit more manifesto than exposition.
  3. Multinational capitalism and global communications
  4. The plethora of "posts-"
  5. "Cultural logic of late capitalism" (Jamason)

"First I reference the self-reflective working through of a multitude of contradictory meanings and understandings concerning human experience and its aesthetic, sociologica4 media, and textual representations in the current historical moment. This is commonly called intertextuality.

"Second, I ask, after Mills (1959), ',[What varieties of men, women [and children] now prevail in this .. , period" (p, 7), what personal troubles and public issues define this epoch, and how are these troubles and lived experiences represented in the cultural texts that cultural experts like sociologists anthropologists, journalists, politicians, philosophers, and artists write!

"Third, by cultural logic, I designate the logics of use, utility, exchange, and states or prestige value (Baudrillard 1981:66), which surround the production, distribution, and consumption of cultural commodities in the present moment, including human experience. That is, how are cultural objects transformed into instruments. commodities, symbols, and signs that circulate in fields of productive and conspicuous consumption (Baudrillard 1981: 125-26)?

"Fourth, by late capitalism is meant contemporary multinational, state-sponsored capitalist activities that cross-cut political regimes and national boundaries."

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