Barthes Semiological Prospects

Barthes,Roland. 1964. "Semiological Prospects" (318-320)

Maupassant often lunched in the restaurant in the tower, though he didn't care much for the food: it's the only place in Paris, he used to say, where I don't have to see it.
Roland Barthes, "The Eiffel Tower" (1957)

Contributes focus on WRITING per se.
Used "semiology" to develop writings about cultural objects and practices (wine, fashion, literature).
Contributes to what could be called the high point of structuralist literary criticism (1960s).
Most famous essay "The Death of the Author" (1968). Idea of author correlates with idea of the ultimate meaning of the text and thus an "explanation" for it. But Barthes claimed texts can mean many things and you can't know an authors state of mind and so there is no such thing. This idea not entirely new in structuralism.


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