Final Project Instructions


For this course each student will construct a Wikipedia-like entry built around the material in her "theory sampler." At a minimum, the page will consist of an article of approximately 1000 words (subject to change) and 5 supporting entries.

The rhetorical style of the entries should be didactic — that is, it should aim to teach about the topic — and be pitched at students in this class.

Students will be expected to do drafts and revisions in several rounds, to comment on each others' efforts, and to be able to give an oral presentation based on the entry by the end of the course (in the form of a PowerPoint slide show).

Getting Started

If you are already a Wikipedia author you may do your work in a "sandbox" in your Wikipedia user area. If not, you should create an ID at (this site) and create a basic page called mills:lastname-firstname. We'll put links to these pages right here. The syntax for a simple page link within the wiki is


So, we would use

[[[mills:ryan-dan]]] which produces this : ryan-dan

We can get a little more elegant by using a more meaningful bit of text as the actual text the reader sees by using a vertical line after the name of the page and then the text we want to use as a link to the page:

[[[mills:ryan-dan| Click here to go to Dan's Sample Sampler Front Page]]] to make a link like this

Click here to go to Dan's Sample Sampler Front Page

NOTE that the easiest way to make a new page is simply to create a link to it. Then, when the link is clicked, the reader is asked to create that page.

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