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Identifications and Facts

One component of competence in any field is simply having an expanded vocabulary of basic facts, figures, persons, places, and texts. One can, of course, acquire these over time by osmosis, but when we are involved in intense training in a discipline, it is helpful to focus on memorization, practice, and drill. And so we will.

You should acquire a repertoire of names, theories, concepts, quotes, etc. with which you are familiar enough to identify, associate with a main idea, place in historical context, and where it fits in the field of sociology. Thus, for example, a student should be able to say of Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes
17th century English thinker. Wrote Leviathan. Society without strong leader as “war of all against all” and life as “nasty, brutish, and short.” Source of idea that humans are naturally unruly and that social order requires strong social control mechanism such as state.

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Middle ages
Enclosure Movement
Holocene Era
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Classical Antiquity
Early Modern Period
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